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Play Fantasy Football at

NFL training camps are officially in full steam and so is the buzz surrounding this year’s fantasy football action. 

Much like in the real NFL, everyone is on even footing at this time of the year regardless of how good — or bad — your team faired a year ago. Trashing talking heats up, water-cooler conversations around which rookie will shine or which stud will bomb are as common as moving players up and down your fantasy football draft board because you heard someone gained or lost ten pounds since last season.

Your online attention during all of this crazy time should turn directly toward, the flagship of the sport we all love. Doesn’t it make sense that should also be your home for your fantasy football league this season, too?

We all know the rules around the actual NFL game change a bit year to year to make things more interesting, so we should expect a fantasy football game powered by the NFL themselves to also reinvent itself from time to time. We’re definitely in store for a treat with what they’ve done this year….

The Fantasy game is completely revamped and redesigned for the 2012 fantasy football season. 

Let’s start with the preseason. I’m a firm believer that the more you draft, the better your drafts turn out when it’s for all of the marbles. has expanded their fantasy football mock drafts this year, adding in both standard and auction formats!  Leagues range in size from eight to 14 teams, and they also have point-per-reception (PPR) style drafts. It doesn’t stop there: For you hard core players, they have individual defensive player (IDP) mock drafts, too.

Is your head spinning yet? It should be. The Fantasy game didn’t sit back on their laurels; they went out and gave you many of the features you want – and need – to make your season successful.

When you’re done mocking and ready to create your regular season fantasy teams, you’ll find yourself enamored with their new, fully customizable draft client. Snake up and down the draft order and build the team you know will be hoisting the fantasy football championship trophy at the end of the year.

If you’re tired of the classic serpentine draft order and need a change, I strongly recommend auction league experiences. There, if you budget properly and land some bargain players, you can walk away with some top-tier players provided the money is right. I’ve played in a lot of auctions over the last decade and find they are truly the most enjoyable and interactive way to draft your fantasy football squad.’s Fantasy game now provides you with this fun twist!

Speaking of changing things up, do you need to spice up your fantasy life a little bit? Tired of the same old cookie-cutter league?

Not a problem.

With Fantasy, you have the ability to do free league customization. Set up all of the scoring and league settings to your own exact preference this year. At no cost, you can set the league size, waiver options, roster positions; the scoring modifications are fantastic (I, personally, hate deductions for fumbles!), and, of course, you can have your league members interact with each other through league stories, polls, live chats and more.

Bring some excitement back into your league this year and mix it up a little bit! Fantasy is where it’s at this year for a fun, efficient and productive fantasy season.

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