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The sound of shoulder pads and helmets cracking against each other is a clear indicator that the fantasy football season is upon us. Are you ready to win your next championship?

I’ll tell you right now, if you aren’t playing at Fantasy this season, you’re doing yourself and your fantasy football team a disservice.

I recently touched on  how Fantasy has completely redesigned and ramped up their game for the upcoming season. Today I wanted to get a little more into the bells and whistles the Fantasy game provides that makes your draft experience and season more enjoyable.

Every fantasy football season starts with your league draft. Why would you want to draft in a system built years ago that is slow, clumsy, and difficult to operate and just makes you pray the draft ends quickly? You don’t. You want to enjoy the draft, it, at least to me, is the pinnacle of the season (sans winning the league championship, anyway). 

With Fantasy, your draft can be fully customized. If you want more space dedicated to the chat window to keep mocking your arch-rival after each bad pick or you simply want to see more of the draft history displayed, it’s simple and quick to do. Make the war room yours and put the tools that you need the most where you want them the most. 

If you just want to focus on the draft and ignore the weak trash talk from the guy drafting out of that five-month old magazine, you can even collapse both of the left and right bars.  I wouldn’t recommend doing that, mostly because I love to try and throw others off their game by trash talking every second of the draft….

What I’m also really digging is their display of team needs. I often find myself picking at the turn or close to it, and often need to know which direction the teams around me are going to go simply based off of the makeup of their team at that moment. Drafts can move fast, so I don’t have time to have five different windows open. With Fantasy’s new design, you can quickly determine, using their needs bar, which starting roster positions each of your opponents still has to fill. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Have you heard about HTML5? Even if you don’t really get what it is because you’re too busy working on your fantasy football cheat sheets, it’s a newer technology that Fantasy uses, which allows you to even hold your draft on your iPad. Seamless use on my iPad will allow me to sneak away to draft from some of those summer BBQs with the in-laws. That, alone, just made my fantasy season better!

I’d be mad at myself if I failed to mention their cool statistical interface. Statistics are power when it comes to fantasy football evaluations. Where will you find a better place to get your stats than Fantasy? They have a ton of statistics displayed to really help you during the draft – quickly scan through the players your considering drafting during your live draft. You can do the exact same thing when you’re trying to determine if you should toss in another dollar or two on a player through their all new Auction Draft format.

While I just mentioned statistics are power tools for fantasy teams, you also need to be current when it comes to the latest news surrounding all of the players in the league. Which players are nursing injuries? Who might be moving up or down on the depth chart? Fantasy keeps you in the know, as they have the most relevant information right on the pages you’re looking at during your draft and when submitting your starting lineup each week. Toss out that clumsy, multiple browser/windows and surfing all over the place approach you’ve had to take in the past. One spot, everything you need when and where you need it – Fantasy. 

When you survey the landscape of commissioner league products, you’ll have a hard time finding another option nearly as comprehensive as Fantasy. They leverage the latest web technologies, which allows for a more easy-to-use interface and intuitive design than most of the competition.  If you’re like me and you manage multiple teams every year, speed and ease of use are key factors in which commissioner service you want to hang your cleats each season. Fantasy allows you to easily change your lineup, as their drag and drop lineup changes are smooth and efficient. When your star player is declared inactive at game-time, the last thing you want to be doing is pushing seven buttons to get him out of your lineup — it only becomes worse if you have that same player on multiple teams when you’re up against the opening kickoff! Fantasy should be your home for fantasy football mock drafts, league drafts and season domination this year.

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