Chris Cooley Has Been Released By the Redskins

Chris Cooley Has Been Released By the Redskins


Chris Cooley Has Been Released By the Redskins

Today is a bit of a sad day for fans of the Washington Redskins. Tight end Chris Cooley, who has been a glowing fan favorite for years, has sadly been released by the team. While the parting of ways doesn’t come as a complete shock — he’s clearly past his prime — it doesn’t make it any less disappointing for ‘Skins fans.

Long before Twitter made it easy for athletes to engage with fans, the candid Cooley was already firmly entrenched in the blogging world, posting random crap and seemingly always making himself available for fans and media. Whatever he does next, the humorous tight end is likely to excel. Hopefully, at least in some capacity, it will involve laughing at Tony Romo’s choking habit. Or perhaps in an ironic twist, he’ll sign with the Cowboys. Let’s just pray it has nothing to do with fashion, drawing dongs, or reviewing playbooks in the nude.

Here’s Cooley at today’s press conference announcing his release:

“This organization has changed my life. I’ve loved every minute of playing here.”

Typically this would come off as cliche, but I’m positive that one came from the heart, especially since the guy was fighting back tears.

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