Fantasy Football at, Great for Smartphones & Tablets

Fantasy Football at, Great for Smartphones & Tablets


Fantasy Football at, Great for Smartphones & Tablets

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Recently I talked about the fantastic new offerings Fantasy has brought to the table this year for fantasy football players. You can catch up with those here and here.  Just when you thought their new offerings couldn’t get any better, there are a few more other key items I wanted to touch on. Consider these the icing on the cake for an already tremendous product. Fantasy offers the only draft client – for both standard AND auction drafts – that is compatible with the iPad. You’re no longer tied to a computer for two or three hours during your draft. If you have to go mobile, take your draft with you. Depending on where you are, however, I recommend keeping the volume on low and reserving yourself from doing a happy dance when you stole the sleeper of your draft in the 12th round. Things like that can make you look awkward in public settings … not that I’m speaking from experience at all or anything like that.

Everything is done in HTML5, which is the newest and coolest of technologies so you don’t need to worry about having a sophisticated system that can handle Flash. It provides you seamless use on the iPad and a draft experience unlike any of the competition out there today.

On top of that, if you’re not able to always be glued to a computer (what, you have a life in the summer? Shame on you!), Fantasy has a robust set of wireless options you can use through your phone or tablet. Old school phone users can access the Fantasy mobile website, which allows for full team management, live scoring and more.

On an Android or iPhone smartphone? You’ll see more bells and whistles using the free Fantasy Football mobile app. And for Verizon Wireless users, you can find even more exclusive NFL content on the Verizon NFL Mobile app.

They also have some cool features that allow users to interact with NFL partner platforms, such as DirecTV and the EA Sports Madden NFL video game series. Sign up and follow your fantasy teams and matchups outside of the game!

This year, when it comes to choosing where you’ll call home for your fantasy football league, you don’t need to look any further than Fantasy. They’re fast, efficient, easy to use and will provide you with all of the customization and mobile access tools you need to take your game to the next level… and win another trophy for the mantle!

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