Forget Griffining, Here are Some Other NFL Poses From Week One That Should Catch On

Forget Griffining, Here are Some Other NFL Poses From Week One That Should Catch On


Forget Griffining, Here are Some Other NFL Poses From Week One That Should Catch On


Griffining is the new thing in light of Robert Griffin’s first touchdown pose, which instantly elevated into one of the ten most iconic photos of all-time. I tell you, this thing where some athlete poses or is captured sitting in some way, and then we turn a player’s last name into a gerund, will never get old. I just look forward to the day that something controversial happens, as a result of someone posing for one of these, so we can have Griffining-Gate.

Still, while Griffin’s photo has become notable, I thought we could go back through the week that was and find other poses that should be catching on. Here are some of the most notable gerunds waiting to happen.

Jo-Lonn-ing: You can only do this one if you get an interception off Matthew Stafford. Half the nation should be Jo-Lonn-ing by December.

Fairleying: Nick Fairley was high on life after recording this sack. The Fairley is a nice homage to having to try to walk a straight line.

Marshalling: You can totally tell that Brandon Marshall and Vontae Davis used to be teammates.

Shurmuring: the act of murmuring under your breath while shatting yourself

Boweing: Dwayne Bowe provides the Pentacostals with their own version of Tebowing.

Gabberting: Blaine Gabbert after every play.

Nicksing: Now this one I can do. Replacement referee Richard Nicks stares blankly into a screen seeing something the rest of the nation cannot during a review of Anquan Boldin’s dropped touchdown.

Walker-Woodsoning: I feel like this is going to be the new frontier, paired performances. Delanie Walker and Charles Woodson earn high degree of difficulty on this one. Send me your Walker-Woodsoning photos next week and the best one gets published.

Smithing: Yeah, the last name isn’t going to catch on, but Antonio Smith gets props for this post-sack pose.

Connering: Five year old Conner Keaggy gave us this moment before the Cardinals game. Look at the innocence in those eyes in the final moments before he learns who the Arizona quarterbacks are.


Good Timing: J.J. Watt is dyno-mite and this face needs to become a thing.

Tebowing: The truly great artists don’t get defined by one move. They adapt and constantly evolve. Here, Tim Tebow shows us why is he is one of the all-time greats. Tebowing that you can do from your couch.

[photos via US Presswire]

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