Missouri Fans Are Far Too Classy For The SEC

Missouri Fans Are Far Too Classy For The SEC


Missouri Fans Are Far Too Classy For The SEC

This may be the most Midwestern thing ever.  Missouri fans took out an ad in Georgia’s school newspaper thanking the Bulldogs and their fans for being “friendly, gracious and fun” visitors last weekend, as they expounded upon the finer points of their “old man football.”

“Our thanks to all of you Georgia Bulldog fans! What a terrific bunch of visitors you were – Friendly, gracious and fun. We don’t like to lose around here, but both of our teams played an undeniably exciting and awesome game! You gave us an unforgettable first game in the SEC, and we thank you for that. We hope you enjoyed your visit to mid-Missouri and look forward to seeing you next time.”

Polite, earnest and refreshing. We’ll check back in after a couple years of rough losses and after their campus gets invaded by LSU fans screaming “Tiger Bait!” and not caring that it doesn’t make sense. Guessing Texas A&M fans use this route to troll Missouri before their teams play on Nov. 24.

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