Worst Tim Tebow Story Ever Kicks Off Baseless "Tebow Wants a Trade" Rumors

Worst Tim Tebow Story Ever Kicks Off Baseless "Tebow Wants a Trade" Rumors


Worst Tim Tebow Story Ever Kicks Off Baseless "Tebow Wants a Trade" Rumors

Tim Tebow is exactly one regular season game into his career with the New York Jets. The Wildcat Christian saw a limited role in the Jets week 1 win over the Bills because Mark Sanchez was competent for the most part. Obviously, a competitor like Tim Tebow can’t possibly be happy. Turn the other cheek? More like demand a trade! Enter New York Daily News columnist Gary Meyers.

He won’t make a stink during the season, but if Mark Sanchez doesn’t provide an opening to play, then I think Tebow is one-and-done as a Jet.

Woah! That is some incendiary stuff right there! He won’t say anything, but I think he’s done! If only there was an anonymous source who could provide some vague quotes that can’t even tangentially be attributed to Tebow to help build the case for Tebow asking out… There is? Sweet!

“I think he will be a good soldier,” one NFL source said Wednesday. “At the end of the year, I think he will express those concerns to the Jets. He will want to move on. The one thing about Tebow is he is the quintessential team player. He would never do anything that is going to undermine the team. But he’s football-aholic. It’s in his blood.


“Absolutely he will talk to the Jets or we will have misevaluated his competitive nature,” the source said. “There comes a point, where they get it and realize this is who I am and just accept that role. Tebow is not there yet.”

He didn’t say he would talk to the Jets. We just know it will happen! The headline? “If Tim Tebow is slated to remain backup, expect him to want to bolt NY Jets in 2013.” Based on what? Who cares!

“Tebow wants a trade,” thought somebody.

“Trouble in the Jets locker room,” says anonymous!

“Sanchez and Tebow are feuding,” said no one.

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