3:30 Kickoff: Alabama at Arkansas

3:30 Kickoff: Alabama at Arkansas


3:30 Kickoff: Alabama at Arkansas

Yes, one game does not make a season, but more games coming against much tougher opponents could make a once-promising Arkansas season rather miserable. That misery could extend into next season, as this is the weekend many of the Razorbacks’ top recruits will be on campus.

Reports had Tyler Wilson sitting this one out. Arkansas said he was a game time decision. He’s in pads, leading the quarterbacks threw warmups and it looks like he will play.

Borderline kid protected by a porous offensive line against Alabama’s defensive front? That would be the decision of a desperate coach with a 10-month contract. Head injuries warrant the utmost caution. There are things more important than winning a football game.

Alabama has few faults, though they will look for a better performance from their touted offensive line. They allowed six sacks last weekend in the 35-0 win against Western Kentucky. The Tide allowed only 17 in 13 games last season.

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