SEC Showdown: Florida at Tennessee

SEC Showdown: Florida at Tennessee


SEC Showdown: Florida at Tennessee

Tennessee vs. Florida. Beanstalk Brett Favre against Crap Alabama. The rivalry is back in the spotlight for the first time in years. GameDay was in Knoxville for the first time since 2004. Tom Rinaldi wore orange pants.

Both the Gators and the Vols are on the brink. This should be a defining game for both programs. The winning team will emerge as a third contender in the SEC East this season. The winning coach will get his first big SEC win and engender some much needed calm.

Tennessee’s defense has looked much better this season. Florida’s offense, despite the emergence of Mike Gillislee, has been pedestrian. The pivotal matchup should be on the other side of the ball, between Tennessee’s excellent wide receivers and Florida’s secondary. However pretty his deep balls are, Tyler Bray is still looking for his first performance against good opposition as a college quarterback. He still needs at least one to live down his back tattoo.

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