Jerry Jones Believes the Kneel-Down is a "Wasted Play"

Jerry Jones Believes the Kneel-Down is a "Wasted Play"


Jerry Jones Believes the Kneel-Down is a "Wasted Play"

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys who frequently resembles a mole-starved rat, has expressed that he’s not an advocate of the widely accepted kneel-down, clock-killing play at the end of games and believes it should draw a penalty.

“I’ve always thought that that’s a wasted play for our fans, the kneel-down,” Jones said. “[Former Kansas City Chiefs owner] Lamar Hunt tried several times to introduce a rule and have it voted on that you couldn’t kneel down. You had to run a play. Unless you were trying to advance the ball, then you got a penalty and time didn’t run off the clock. It’s not a good play.”

This seems to be the logical stance for Jones to take considering the hated Giants and Tom Coughlin were the ones complaining last Sunday that the unwritten rule had been violated. And that comes as no surprise, as Jerry has the self-control of an inebriated stripper who can’t help but allow his awkward boner for all things Giants do the driving.

But seriously, a penalty for a kneel-down? Sounds like the sad cry of a team that’s become painfully accustomed to being on the wrong end of the victory formation.

[via ESPN]

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