Tim Tebow in Vogue Magazine: He Is Shirtless Again

Tim Tebow in Vogue Magazine: He Is Shirtless Again


Tim Tebow in Vogue Magazine: He Is Shirtless Again

Vogue is the latest magazine to delve into the world of Tim Tebow and let you know everything you needed to know. Oh, and he poses shirtless again.

Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, a good Missouri boy with a quality head on his shoulders–who as far as I know has never been quoted in the thousands of other profiles of Tebow–let’s us know that “[f]irst and foremost he [Tebow] wants to be a football player, not a media sensation or have a reality show.”

Model Karlie Koss weighs in: “He was sweet and really nice and totally unfazed by it all. He’s got a good sense of style, too.”

There’s also the UCLA football player who Tebow met the previous year as part of Make-A-Wish Foundation:

A strapping young UCLA football player named Luke Gane passes by the bleachers and gives Tim a shy wave. Tebow practically leaps to his feet to say hello. “What’s up, man? How you doing, buddy?” Last year the Make-A-Wish Foundation flew Luke, who was afflicted with a rare life-threatening blood disorder in high school, to Denver to meet his hero. They slap hands, and Tim marvels at Luke’s fitness and size. “He’s gained 60 or 70 pounds from where he was when he was sick,” he says. “Awesome kid.”

Other than that, we learn that the future Mrs. Tebow is way off in the future, and that he spends his time staying up until three or four in the morning, playing Taboo, Catch Phrase, Mafia, or Monopoly. Pretty sure Billy Joe Hobert’s favorite game was Catch Phrase, too.

Oh, and did we mention he’s shirtless, this fashionable, sweet guy with a sense of style. Vogue and Tebow seem like such a combination one has to wonder what took the magazine so long.

[photo via Vogue Magazine]


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