Brandon Spikes: "Someone Tell These [bleep]ing Zebras Foot Locker Called"

Brandon Spikes: "Someone Tell These [bleep]ing Zebras Foot Locker Called"


Brandon Spikes: "Someone Tell These [bleep]ing Zebras Foot Locker Called"

Much to the delight of everyone, the New England Patriots lost a heart-breaker last night to the Baltimore Ravens. Luckily, the Patriots have no one to blame but the replacement referees. Bill Belichick will be facing a fine after he ran down a referee and grabbed him on his way off the field and you can add Brandon Spikes to the list of calls Roger Goodell has to make today. Spikes went on a mini-rant on Twitter last night where he both insulted the referees (they do deserve it) and compared the Patriots loss to a punishment handed down by God himself.

That’s a quality burn, but it might not have been directed at the referees.

Huh. Literal zebras? Interesting. I’m not sure if actual zebras could work at Foot Locker. But wait, there’s more…

Save the zebras! Replacement referees are the way that God is punishing the Patriots! Even for a Boston athlete that is an impressive display of a persecution complex. I really hope ratings continue to soar and the replacement referees just become the permanent referees. Not that it matters what I think. Whoever God wants throwing yellow flags will throw yellow flags. Praise be the zebras.

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