College Football 2012 AP Poll Dissection: Week Four

College Football 2012 AP Poll Dissection: Week Four


College Football 2012 AP Poll Dissection: Week Four

Nebraska over UCLA: Nebraska is ranked 22nd in the AP Poll. UCLA is out of the Top 25? Explain this one, voters. UCLA beat Nebraska head to head. The Bruins also have a better resumé, with two better wins (Nebraska and Rice) than Nebraska’s best win, Arkansas State (SRS 96). There is no reasonable justification for Nebraska to be ahead of UCLA. 32 voters did just that. 26 had Nebraska in the poll and UCLA off the poll.

The Inimitable Jon Wilner: Wilner is high on Michigan football with Sparty (12) and Michigan (15) four places above the next highest voter. Not suprisingly he has Notre Dame punching in at (5). He has Georgia (3) ahead of LSU. He has UCLA ahead of Nebraska but has both ranked ahead of Texas (21), Ohio State (22) and TCU (25). He is also one of three voters to have Tennessee (23) ranked.

Fight On: Eric Hansen has USC (8) ahead of Georgia (9). He also has Texas A&M (21) ahead of Mississippi State (22).

The Contrarian: Scott Wolf is the only AP voter with LSU (1) ahead of Alabama (2). He is the highest voter on Oklahoma (11) ahead of USC. He is the only voter with Notre Dame outside the Top 15 at (21). 3-0 against his favorite conference? Not impressed.

Not Quitting Wisconsin: Glenn Guilbeau has Wisconsin (18), one of just four voters with them on the board and the only one above (24). They are one place behind Florida (17). He also kept Michigan on the board at (19).

Most Overrated Team: Nebraska. We touched on it before, but 12 top 20 votes with wins over an FCS team and two FBS dead bodies at home?

Most Underrated Team: Rutgers. The Scarlet Knights are 4-0 and fresh off an SEC road win. 27 voters have Rutgers unranked. 18 voters have Rutgers unranked with Boise State in the Top 25.

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