NFL Sunday: Jets Take Field Against 49ers Without Darrelle Revis

NFL Sunday: Jets Take Field Against 49ers Without Darrelle Revis


NFL Sunday: Jets Take Field Against 49ers Without Darrelle Revis

The Jets lost their key defensive player this week, and now face a difficult matchup against a team that uses a variety of formations, multiple tight ends, and runs the ball effectively. How will they game plan to protect the back end while still controlling Frank Gore from stabbing them with a thousand knives on 5 yard gains? Rex Ryan has had six days to earn his money and game plan for the 49ers, and show the rest of America that the Jets aren’t doomed. Just as important, though, is the matchup on the other side, where the 49ers have the toughest run defense in the league, and Sanchez and the passing game will be without Stephen Hill and Dustin Keller.

Other early games today:

San Diego at Kansas City: The Chiefs can now improbably already get a share of first after looking pretty bad for the first 10 quarters of the season. Ryan Mathews should be featured with Glen Dorsey out and Tyson Jackson and Dontari Poe up front.

Carolina at Atlanta: Cam Newton has taken a beating this week in the press. Let’s see how he comes back in a key divisional game.

New England at Buffalo: Fred Jackson and Spiller will both be active, while New England will rely on Wes Welker more on offense with Aaron Hernandez’ continued absence.

Minnesota at Detroit: Can we say big game in Detroit? They can’t start 1-3 with a loss to the Vikings at home.

Tennessee at Houston: Looks like a mismatch on paper in Houston, and if the Titans want a chance they need to get some run balance going with Chris Johnson. The Texans pass rush will eat up Locker otherwise.

Seattle at St. Louis: Other than a brief outburst versus Washington, the Rams offense has been bad. Seattle is coming off the controversial Monday night game and has been very inconsistent on the road in recent years.

Later Games

Miami at Arizona

Oakland at Denver

Cincinnati at Jacksonville

New Orleans at Green Bay

Washington at Tampa Bay

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