Tim Tebow is Not the Answer For the Jets, Replacing Mike Tannenbaum at GM is

Tim Tebow is Not the Answer For the Jets, Replacing Mike Tannenbaum at GM is


Tim Tebow is Not the Answer For the Jets, Replacing Mike Tannenbaum at GM is

A 34-0 drubbing at the hands of the 49ers has predictably fired up the pro-Tebow contingent.

Here are some people who think it’s time to bail on Mark Sanchez – who has done himself no favors, completing an embarrassing 49 percent of passes; he’s got a 69.6 rating, one of the worst in the league – and give Tim Tebow a shot!

Because yeah, Tim Tebow makes sense against the Texans! And Tim Tebow could have done something against the 49ers!

Yes, that would have turned the game around! Ass.

Sanchez struggled in Pittsburgh – where most QBs do – then in Miami (but he got the job done!), and then at home against arguably the best defense in the NFL. What, he’s magically going to do well against the Texans? What if Keller doesn’t play again and neither does Holmes or Hill? Oh, and we haven’t even mentioned the offensive line woes. Give him time – like he had against Buffalo – and a healthy TE/WR group and Sanchez can be a solid QB. He was more than serviceable in his first two years in the league playing a key role on a team that went to two AFC title games.

That’s just a tiny snapshot from twitter. Here’s an column from Mike Freeman at CBS Sports. Quote from a player: “We’re gonna get the [Tim] Tebow stuff all week, I know,” the Jets player said, “so here we go. It’s going to start right away with you [expletives] in the media.” Sadly, that player is right.

Here’s the laziest Tebow column (so far) and I’m shocked it wasn’t written by that hack Gary Meyers:

He should make one. Bring on Tim Tebow. At this point Tebow, who saved the Broncos season last year, can’t be any worse than the jittery Mark Sanchez. Perhaps the Jets will get some leadership from the most important position on the field.

But wait! Some sanity! Thank you, Tim Smith of the Daily News:

Sanchez didn’t make this mess. He’s just caught in the middle of it, and he doesn’t have the tools to dig the Jets out.

The Jets unraveled with four turnovers and a lack of execution in all three phases. No NFL team is going to overcome that.

The current state of the Jets and the lack of talent at the skill positions must be laid at the feet of Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum and his player personnel department. If you believe the Jets have the necessary talent to compete with the likes of San Francisco, then you’re deluding yourself. And if you want to remain delusional, then you have to say that the coaching staff can’t put together a game plan to utilize the talent they have.

Finally! I’ve been railing against Tannenbaum since April. Last year, the fall guy was the inept offensive coordinator. This year, it will be Tanenbaum. He cannot be in charge of personnel decisions this offseason. New York will have a Top 10 pick. They have over half a dozen crucial free agent decisions to make. As I’ve written for months, he’s been a disaster after a good start several years ago. The last two years he’s made all the wrong moves. Glad the media is starting to going after him.

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