New York Knicks: Oldest Team in NBA History

New York Knicks: Oldest Team in NBA History


New York Knicks: Oldest Team in NBA History

Jeremy Lin (24 years old) left, and so did Landry Fields (24) as well as Josh Harrellson (23). Guess who showed up? Drunk ass Jason Kidd (39), Marcus Camby (38) and Kurt Thomas (40 this week). Rasheed Wallace (38) is about to be signed.

As a result, the Knicks are the oldest team in the NBA. Oldest in NBA history, in fact. From the WSJ:

The 2012 Knicks will be almost five years older than they were last year, when the average player was 27 years and 300 days old.

Assuming Wallace signs, their top 13 players would be, on average, 32 years and 240 days old—the oldest team in NBA history, according to Stats LLC. No team has ever gotten so much older from one season to the next.

Rats. Just when I thought my Knicks would maybe ease the pain of what appears to be a 5-11 Jets season. Why must the teams I root for continually let me down? Well, at least I can get excited about the fact that Carmelo Anthony finally wants to score less and pass more.

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