Joe Theismann Says Tony Romo "Isn't That Good"

Joe Theismann Says Tony Romo "Isn't That Good"


Joe Theismann Says Tony Romo "Isn't That Good"


After a 5-interception game and an embarrassing Cowboys loss, you might be surprised a sports talk radio program could locate someone willing to go on record to bash Romo. Well, guess what? They did! Joe Theismann went on Sportsnet 590 The Fan Tuesday to speak with Brady & Lang about Tony Romo, Professional Quarterback.

“Soon or later we have to come to the realization that Tony isn’t a very good quarterback. He throws interceptions that (make) you shake your head. If it’s all the wide receivers’ fault then maybe he should get some new wide receivers, or they need to come up with some new route combinations that guys can understand.”

Dez Bryant is nodding in agreement, but only because he doesn’t understand this would mean he has to move or try to learn new plays.

“What hit me last night is, Tony isn’t really that good,” Theismann said. “Just because he wears a star on his helmet — we all think that people who are Dallas Cowboys, ‘ooh they’re wonderful and ooh they’re terrific, ooh they’re the next Roger Staubach’ or whatever the heck they want to say. They’re full of bologna.”

Remember how people always just assumed that about Jon Kitna, Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson, Vinny Testaverde and everyone that came between Staubach and Troy Aikman?

“Tony makes bad decisions with the football. And I’ll tell you something else; he missed two wide open touchdowns last night that nobody’s talking about. Forget about the five interceptions; he misses Miles Austin and Dez Bryant with easy touchdown throws, and he airmails the ball over their heads.

Great quarterbacks like Tom Brady never miss open receivers. And they certainly don’t make bad decisions.

“You can say, ‘well, everybody has a bad game.’ Tony has too many bad games. Tony Romo is not a very good quarterback. Somebody has to say it so I just did. He should be a lot better, or the reputation he’s carried should have him play a lot better.”

I love to hate on Romo – when the Cowboys are good-ish once every three or four years – but he’s obviously not a “bad” quarterback. When he’s healthy, he puts up strong numbers. In Romo’s three complete seasons, the Cowboys are 32-16 and he has thrown for over 4,000 yards in each. If he was doing this for a less-public team, no one would argue that he sucks. (No one remind Joe Theismann of his 138 picks in 124 starts. Romo has 80 in 81 starts.) Not even Joe Theismann. [Dallas Morning News via PFT]

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