Brian Urlacher Once Asked Bas Rutten to "Take It Outside"

Brian Urlacher Once Asked Bas Rutten to "Take It Outside"


Brian Urlacher Once Asked Bas Rutten to "Take It Outside"

I love infographics. In addition to giving you facts and stats and cool stories in quick, succinct doses, they feature lots of cartoons to help illustrate what you’re learning. It’s knowledge for dummies. Take this mixed martial arts infographic for example. It taught me some really interesting things and reminded me of some other trivia that I either forgot or never knew.

The coolest part of this is a story about MMA legend/personality/all-around badass Bas Rutten and Brian Urlacher. This isn’t exactly a new story, but it’s a classic and worth retelling even if you heard it long ago. Rutten and Urlacher were at the same charity event when Rutten accidentally stepped on Urlacher’s shoe. Rutten offered an apology and then a beer, but Urlacher wouldn’t have any of it. Urlacher must have been surprised when the smaller man laughed and said, “Sure!”  Here is Bas telling the story on Best Damn Sports Show.

That’s pretty awesome. A few more thoughts at the bottom of the page.

MMA: Mixed Martial Arts

Frankie Edgar, the former lightweight champion who currently fights in the 145-pound division is the current shortest fighter in the UFC at 5-feet, 6-inches tall. The shortest fighter in UFC history was Joe Son at 5-feet, 4-inches tall. You may remember Joe Son as Random Task in Austin Powers. He is currently serving life in prison for torture. Joe Son was a 5′ 4″ heavyweight. Frankie Edgar is a 5′ 6″ flyweight. This amazes me.

Finally, 6′ 11″ Stefan Struve has a shorter wingspan than 6′ 4″ Jon Jones. The Jones family are freaks.


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