Houston Texans at New York Jets: Embrace the Ugly, Be Prepared to Laugh

Houston Texans at New York Jets: Embrace the Ugly, Be Prepared to Laugh


Houston Texans at New York Jets: Embrace the Ugly, Be Prepared to Laugh

Everytime Mark Sanchez drops back to pass, he’ll be looking at these targets: Clyde Gates, Lex Hilliard, Konrad Reuland, Jason Hill and Jeremy Kerley. Who are they? Got me. Only one of them was on the preseason roster. Kerley was the team’s No. 3 WR in the season opener. How are those guys – whoever they are – supposed to get separation against the 3rd best pass defense in the NFL? They better hurry, too – the Jets’ offensive line has not protected Sanchez well since the season opener, and the Texans have 13 sacks through four games.

The Jets are done, finished, kaput. My only Jets’ chatter the rest of the way will be evaluating their free agents, targeting draft picks, and tossing out replacement ideas for inept GM Mike Tannenbaum, a guy I’ve been railing against since April.

The Times went after Tannenbaum today:

Of the 65 players on the Jets’ roster as of Friday, 26 were acquired through the draft, the ninth-lowest percentage in the N.F.L., according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

In Ryan’s four drafts, the Jets have made 21 picks — tied with New Orleans for fewest in the N.F.L. Nineteen of the league’s 32 teams drafted a Pro Bowl player in that time, with three (Packers, Patriots, Steelers) taking multiple, but the Jets are not one of them. None of their players acquired for picks have been so honored, either.

So. GM ideas, anyone?

Oh, right, MNF … I’m thinking 41-13 Texans, but I’ll be happy with Houston winning by 10 or more. This could be such a bloodbath*, I’ll switch over to baseball before halftime (and then Revolution at 10).

And no, I don’t think Sanchez should be pulled after the Jets get steamrolled … give him a shot on the road against the Colts before you go to Tebow. I predicted that in the preseason, and I’ll stick with it.

[For what it’s worth, the esteemed Jason Lisk relayed his pick tonight: Jets 16, Texans 13. I don’t think he was kidding.]

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* Naturally, my over-confidence in the Texans means the Jets find a way to show up, the Jets get a freakish score or two, and Houston plays its worst game of the season. Gosh, I hope this doesn’t happen.

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