Marcus Camby Hurt, Rasheed Wallace Out of Shape, Knicks Awesome

Marcus Camby Hurt, Rasheed Wallace Out of Shape, Knicks Awesome


Marcus Camby Hurt, Rasheed Wallace Out of Shape, Knicks Awesome

I am having a love affair with this ice cream sandwich New York Knicks squad. Preseason games haven’t even started yet and the New York newspapers are already going in on the old ball club because of a few little injuries. Let’s see how the New York Daily News is handling Marcus Camby’s first injury of the year:

The Knicks’ new senior-citizen bench brigade has absorbed its first blow of the season and the victim will come as no surprise.

Marcus Camby, who was signed to a three-year deal over the summer despite a long history of injuries, including when he played at the Garden earlier in his NBA career, has been KO’d from the first two preseason games by a strained left calf. The injury occurred in only the fourth practice of training camp and was revealed in an MRI.

The injury came as a surprise to Camby. In fact, it was almost as big a surprise to Camby as his contract.

Perhaps because of his history of injuries and long career, Camby privately told teammates when he arrived for training camp that he was surprised he received a three-year deal worth $13.1 million.

That is awesome. Now let’s see the New York Post is handling Camby’s injury.

Marcus Camby has picked up where he left off during his first Knicks stint.

Fears this graybeard team would be susceptible to health woes already are being realized as the Knicks announced Camby will miss seven to 10 days with a left calf strain after an MRI exam.

So we have the “Senior-Citizen Bench Brigade and the “Graybeard Team.” Good job everyone. At least Camby is the only one having trouble in camp, right? Ha! More form the Post:

In addition, Amar’e Stoudemire missed practice yesterday with a sore ankle after being held out of Friday’s scrimmage. To boot, Rasheed Wallace has not been cleared to scrimmage, deemed not in good enough shape.

That’s right, Rasheed Wallace is not in shape. This is surprising since Wallace was just logging 17 minutes a game in the playoffs for the Celtics… in 2010.

It is unknown whether Wallace will scrimmage before the Washington game. The 38-year-old has been on the side doing core exercises. The Knicks are treating him like fine china following a two-year absence.

“He’s not ready yet,’’ said Woodson, who hasn’t guaranteed Wallace a roster spot. “It’s conditioning. He’s just not there where you want him to be. He’ll get there eventually. We’re doing things to get him in shape. It’s not always running up and down the floor to get in shape. Other things you can do as well.”

I am just as shocked as you are. Before you go, take a look at that picture up there. That is Rasheed Wallace, his super long shorts, Kurt Thomas and Marcus Camby. They are a combined 118 years old.

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