Pat Shurmur: First NFL Coach Fired? He's the Runaway Favorite

Pat Shurmur: First NFL Coach Fired? He's the Runaway Favorite


Pat Shurmur: First NFL Coach Fired? He's the Runaway Favorite

Only one coach has yet to win a game in 2012, so the vultures aren’t quite circling yet.

Later in the year, the NFC East may become a cauldron (Will passionate fan bases and ownership groups in Dallas and Philadelphia tolerate another season outside the playoffs?), and a few 2nd-year coaches could put themselves there if things don’t turn around, too (Rivera in Carolina, Munchak in Tennessee among them). Overall, though, there are enough new coaches and coaches off to good starts that very few are in trouble . . . yet.

Last year, we had three teams with no wins at this point: Indianapolis, Miami, and St. Louis. Sparano didn’t survive the season, and Jim Caldwell and Steve Spagnuolo were let go after it ended. Shurmur looks like the most obvious guy in trouble in 2012.

Tony Grossi says this can’t go on or Shurmur will not make it through the season. The “this” in this case is not only the 4-17 record since he became head coach, but also the surly behavior with the media and in public.

In the last week alone, Shurmur has confronted a former Browns coach for critical comments he made on a local radio show; tossed a few F-bombs after a reporter pressed him to go on the record about Trent Richardson’s excused absence at a Browns practice; and then over-reacted to legitimate and fair questions about a game-changing play-call in the 41-24 loss to the Giants.

Shurmur should go the Todd Haley route from last year and go with the homeless look. He has to know he is done. New owner Jimmy Haslem takes over officially in a week, so the guys above him are probably in trouble too. Unless he pulls a “Major League” and starts stripping Haslem’s clothes off in the locker room as the Browns surge to a division title, he’s not coming back.

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