Buckeyes, 'Dawgs & Tusks: Challenges Accepted, On The Way to Saturday

Buckeyes, 'Dawgs & Tusks: Challenges Accepted, On The Way to Saturday


Buckeyes, 'Dawgs & Tusks: Challenges Accepted, On The Way to Saturday

Written by Tom Fink

Two lucky college football fans have been busy living the dream and traveling across the country all season long following ESPN’s CollegeGame Day. AT&T sent Will & Ravi out on the road for the “On The Way To Saturday” fan experience and the guys have been seeing some awesome college football action along the way.
But attending GameDay is no easy task—the guys have to earn their way in if they want to hang out in the presence of Fowler and company by completing a series of challenges along the way.
So far this year, Will and Ravi got to sing Hang On Sloopy with Buckeyes fans as they led an Ohio State Pep Rally (Brutus included).

They then went down to Athens to work out and chill with Garrison Hearst at the University of Georgia. But the craziest challenge the guys have had to do so far involved swinging by Arkansas to give Tusk, the Razorbacks mascot, a bath before game time.

So… what challenge would you draw up for them?
After checking out what they have been up to, be sure to help make their trip more interesting by drawing-up potential challenges for them to complete on their way to GameDay. If you do, you’ll have opportunities to win a trip to the 2013 Discover BCS National Championship Game. See the site for complete details.
All you have to do is let Will & Ravi know what school tradition you’d challenge them to complete if they came to your school by tweeting at them @way2saturday, make sure you include #way2saturday in your tweet. And be sure to use your mobile device and the Nation’s Largest 4G Network to enjoy this college football season and keep track of the boys as they run routes across the country.

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