Roundup: Wal-Mart Protest, Kobe Likes Dwight, Hayden Panettiere

Roundup: Wal-Mart Protest, Kobe Likes Dwight, Hayden Panettiere


Roundup: Wal-Mart Protest, Kobe Likes Dwight, Hayden Panettiere

Kelly Brook … look at this baby walrus … students arrested for selling pot brownies … Governor gives out sex hotline instead of meningitis hotline … prospect torn between Clemson and Ole Missbullies bully teen while he’s being interviewed about being bullied … Drudge Report worth $375 million … OC Register hiring people, expanding print edition … satellite images of Bin Laden’s secret training facilitySarah Palin‘s still got it… Chet Haze’s Reddit account was classic … Malaria is killing penguins in London zoos … Wal-Mart protests keep growing … TSA screener slaps dude in the testicles …

38-year-old Texan gets new liver from a 12-year-old West Virginia girl who died last year. [Charleston Gazette]

Hayden Panettiere and the coach’s wife from Friday Night Lights have a new show and it is supposed to be good. Wonder how the ratings were!? [Entertainment Weekly]

Rochester’s James Young picks Kentucky over Michigan State. Kentucky doesn’t care about the salary cap. [Detroit News]

MMA is not an approved offseason conditioning activity. [NCAA]

Kobe Bryant is in favor of Dwight Howard. [LA Times]

Players who hit multiple home runs during a single playoff game. [ESPN]

Mike Ditka’s son got a DUI the other night. [Chicago Tribune]

Diary of a locked out NHL player. [The Barnstormer]

Are the Knicks really the oldest team ever? [Harvard Sports Analysis]

Walton Goggins on playing a transgender prostitute on Sons of Anarchy. [Washington PI]

US speed skater apologizes for mucking with opponents skates. [Globe and Mail]

The latest attack ad from Sparky the Sun Devil.

Awesome game-winning goal, announcer goes wild.[via Hot Clicks]

Pittsburgh teen knocks out a teacher in an alley, unprovoked. This kid is a savage. No way his punishment fits this crime.

Great dog shaming. So great I put his picture out front.

This dude is pretty good at this kicking footballs thing.

Rick Springfield now performing in the New York City subway.

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