Juan Castillo Fired as Eagles Head to Bye Week; Andy Reid Next?

Juan Castillo Fired as Eagles Head to Bye Week; Andy Reid Next?


Juan Castillo Fired as Eagles Head to Bye Week; Andy Reid Next?

Juan Castillo, the former offensive line coach promoted to defensive coordinator before last season, has been fired as the Eagles head to the bye week. This was a move that had long been clamored for, but is an interesting move considering the issues plaguing the Eagles. The defense started very poorly last year, then rebounded to actually be an above average unit by season’s end. They solved some of their linebacking issues. The defense had largely done a credible job this year, but did surrender a lead, and 449 yards, to Detroit.

The last straw may have been Nnamdi Asomugha’s comments after the game on Sunday, criticizing some of the defensive decisions at the end of the game.

Or the last straw may be that the Eagles are 31st in the league in scoring through six games (and 13th in points allowed). This move is a bailing water move by Andy Reid, who has had an offense that cannot stop turning the ball over, and cannot score points. Look at this smoke over here, while we try to keep you from watching the brush fire on my side of the ball.

Andy Reid is at the end of his line if the Eagles don’t make the postseason, I have little doubt. Last year, he survived a rough start as the team surged late to get to 8-8. In the competitive Eastern Division, I don’t think ownership can sell another season of moving backwards. Fourteen years is a really long tenure in the NFL in one spot, especially for a coach who has not won a Super Bowl. As I talked about in regard to Jeff Fisher leaving Tennessee two years ago, no coach, even legends, has gone longer than eleven years with the same organization without a Super Bowl appearance. This is year nine after the one appearance.

Make no mistake, right now, the Eagles are in trouble at 3-3. The NFC is the loaded conference this year, so it will probably take 10 wins to make the postseason. Another 8-8 year would leave them looking up again. Right now, they have been outscored by 22 points, and do not look capable of going 7 for 10.

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