Maryland Miami Women's Soccer Fight Leads to 3 Ejections

Maryland Miami Women's Soccer Fight Leads to 3 Ejections


Maryland Miami Women's Soccer Fight Leads to 3 Ejections

The Miami and Maryland women’s soccer teams brawled late in the second half of the Hurricane’s 1-0 upset of the #7 Terps yesterday. Maryland’s independent student newspaper, The Diamondback, has the details.

After Hayley Brock was taken down around midfield, a fight broke out between the Terps forward and several Miami players. Fists were thrown, hair was pulled and players were ejected. Two or three fans were also kicked out of the game after jumping over the fence in an attempt to join or break up the fight.

Brock earned a red card along with Miami’s Kate Howarth and Maddie Simms. All three were escorted from the field and are not eligible to play in their next games, meaning Brock won’t be on the pitch with the Terps when they host No. 1 Florida State on Sunday.

Tensions were running high as the game featured 29 fouls, 3 yellow cards and 3 red cards.

“This game certainly was the most intense game that we’ve played this year,” coach Jonathan Morgan said. “I think that the nature of Miami’s style of play in general … it added a lot of emotion. It was really a circus, to be honest. The lack of management of the game itself just didn’t control things.”

That’s some slanderous stuff right there. I can’t believe a team from the University of Miami would have such a reputation.

If anyone can find video of the brawl, please send it in.

[The Diamondback, Photo: Charlie DeBoyace @ The Diamondback]

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