NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Picks & Preview

NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Picks & Preview


NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Picks & Preview

It is another week.

Last Week: Jason (7-7), Stephen (4-9)
Overall: Jason (46-41-3), Stephen (37-46-3)

Tennessee (+3) @ Buffalo
Stephen: The Music City Miracle, am I right? You know what I hate? Dancing babies. You’re a baby! Stop dancing! (Bills)

Jason: I hope this game starts at noon so that Ralph Wilson and Bud Adams can both stay up for the whole thing. (Bills)

Arizona (+7) @ Minnesota
Stephen: Two teams from dry arid climates face off at a neutral field. Did you know Justin Verlander threw 249 pitches this week? Wow. Statistics! (Cardinals)

Jason: Christian Ponder can’t do any more sideline interviews. That’s just how it is. Otherwise all he will hear about is how he looked into that other girls eyes too long. (Vikings)

Pittsburgh (-1.5) @ Cincinnati
Stephen: Nobody really likes the Steelers. They just don’t want to get attacked with an aluminum bottle of Iron City Light. (Bengals)

Jason: Little known fact–the Steelers usually beat the Bengals. (Steelers)

Cleveland (+3) @ Indianapolis
Stephen: Possible playoff match up? Maybe if it was 2013! (Colts)

Jason: I would not want to visit a truck stop in Dayton this week, the trash talk is likely to be intense. In other news, I would not want to visit Dayton anyway. (Browns)

Baltimore (+7) @ Houston
Stephen: 75 people were injured while wearing Ravens jerseys last week. One of them was a fan. Because the team is currently having issues with injuries. (Texans)

Jason: The Texans have never beaten the Ravens. Then again, the Texans used to suck. (Texans)

Green Bay (-6) @ St. Louis
Stephen: The Packers are officially a good team who plays bad some of the time. The Rams officially play their home games in Missouri. (Packers)

Jason: The Cardinals are amazing, I don’t see how they are getting points when they own October. (Rams)

Dallas (-2) @ Carolina
Stephen: I wish these teams were on byes. Just kidding. I love the various entertaining ways that the Cowboys blow games. (Panthers)

Jason: Carolina and Jason Garrett are both coming off bye weeks. (Panthers)

Washington (+6) @ New York Giants
Stephen: Eli Manning could beat Robert Griffin III in a foot race. There. I said it. You were all thinking it, but I said it. (Giants)

Jason: New York is 10-4 straight up and 5-9 against the spread when favored by more than 4.5 points over the last three years, and are the clear best team right now, right? (Redskins)

New Orleans (-3) @ Tampa Bay
Stephen: Jonathan Vilma is eligible to play this weekend so there is no way the Saints lose. (Bucs)

Jason: My philosophy this year has been to go against the Saints every week. They are still getting points so I guess we’ll keep philosophizing. (Bucs)

New York Jets (+11) @ New England
Stephen: Rex Ryan has had Tim Tebow taking practice snaps at punter this week. Because he’s a genius. Look at all the wacky ways he uses his players! (Patriots)

Jason: The Jets offensive juggernaut lineup is getting healthy at just the right time. (Jets)

Jacksonville (+4.5) @ Oakland
Stephen: Combined record of 2-8. Woof. (Raiders)

Jason: Carson Palmer is the clear best quarterback on the field in this one. (Raiders)

Detroit (+6) @ Chicago
Stephen: So the Bears are good. I got a preview right! Except for the fantasy pick I wasted on Alshon Jeffery. You’re making a fool of me Cutler! (Bears)

Jason: The Bears will not get two defensive scores in this one. I’m not ruling out three, though. (Bears)


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