Beyonce Reminds of A.J. Green

Beyonce Reminds of A.J. Green


Beyonce Reminds of A.J. Green

There is something hypnotic about this picture of Beyonce. Nothing about it says, “A.J. Green,” but someone at sees it. Maybe its the giant hair or the giant… ability to sing. Nope, its the fact that a bartender thought Beyonce was going to be a big star back when she was already a big star. From

It reminds me when my old barkeep Paulie predicted Beyonce was going to be one of the biggest stars of our generation. And this after her turn in “Austin Powers in Goldmember,” back when she was a star and the hot girl from Destiny’s Child (or the hottest one). We all liked her, but not everybody was onboard with that statement back in 2002.

But he likes to take pride in that prediction, and I get a similar feeling when I talk about A.J. Green. He was my No. 1 fantasy receiver heading into 2012, this when everybody was head-over-heels for Julio Jones (who I liked).

Picking the young, beautiful, talented singer – slash – movie star to be a a big star is a heck of a prediction. Just like predicting the 4th pick in the NFL draft will be good is bold. Also, that picture.


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