Chuck Hayes Compared the Lakers to The Avengers. Dwight Howard is the Hulk, Right?

Chuck Hayes Compared the Lakers to The Avengers. Dwight Howard is the Hulk, Right?


Chuck Hayes Compared the Lakers to The Avengers. Dwight Howard is the Hulk, Right?

The Kings beat the Lakers Sunday night in Dwight Howard’s first game in a Los Angeles uniform. After the game, Kings 6’6″ center compared the Lakers to the Avengers. Considering the Kings beat the Lakers, I guess that makes the Kings Men in Black 3. (Or Snow White and the Huntsman. *waves at Jimmer*) As a blogger, Chuck Hayes has given me reason to create a listicle. I feel like we’ve done this before. Oh well.

Kobe Bryant is Iron Man because he thinks he’s better than everyone else. Also, both have an unhealthy obsession with Smush Parker.

Pau Gasol is Thor because look at that hair bro.

Steve Nash is Captain America because he is all that is good and pure and what is more American than a Canadian?

Ron Artest is Thing. Thing changed his name and had a short-lived career in stand up comedy.

Steve Blake is Black Panther because irony, you guys.

Earl Clark is Moondragon because he’ll never get in the game. Or the movie. Or some third thing.

Chris Duhon is Whizzer because that’s that’s a funny name.

Devin Ebanks is Kevin Eubanks because their names are similar and both their success depends on much more famous men. I guess he’s not really an Avenger, but that dude can play the bass. Did you know Kevin Eubanks is no longer with the Tonight Show? Does that make Kobe Bryant Jay Leno?

Dwight Howard is The Hulk because he’s a freak of nature and he never accomplished anything alone.

Andrew Goudelock is Hawkeye because we have to pretend somebody here is a great shot.

Jordan Hill is Falcon because I’m starting to get bored with this.

Antawn Jamison is A-Bomb because that’s what I would probably call my friend if his name was Antawn.

Darius Johnson-Odom is Ant-Man because they both have hyphens in their names. Sometimes these things write themselves.

Jodie Meeks is Black Widow because he has a girl’s name.

Darius Morris is Vance Astro. *shrugs*

Robert Sacre is Wasp because no one has heard of either of these guys.

Mike Brown is Nick fury because they both wear an eye patch.

Now it is your turn! Which Avengers do you think each Laker(s) is(are)!? Tell us in the comments!

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