NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview & Picks (Week 8)

NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview & Picks (Week 8)


NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview & Picks (Week 8)

Stephen is distracted by his upcoming nuptials, folks. He’s going on a run in a few weeks. Don’t you start adopting a strategy of just going against him yet.

Last Week: Jason (4-6-2), Stephen (3-7-2)

Overall: Jason (50-47-5), Stephen (39-53-5)

New England (-7) @ St. Louis
Jason: The Rams with the home game in Old England (Rams)

Stephen: Now that the Patriots have a stranglehold on the AFC East, they can start to coast. (Rams)

Indianapolis (+3.5) @ Tennessee
Jason: Ladies and gentleman, the middle class of the AFC. (Colts)

Stephen: These teams both seem like they should finish with 3 wins. We’ll need a tie on Sunday for that to remain a possibility. (Colts)

Jacksonville (+15.5) @ Green Bay
Jason: Oddsmakers await word on Blaine Gabbert’s injury to know if they need to adjust the line big time. Huge factor here. (Jaguars)

Stephen: The good news for the Jaguars? They are not alone in the basement. (Packers)

San Diego (-3) @ Cleveland
Jason: Cleveland has needed to take a chill pill for about four decades (Browns)

Stephen: The Browns are better than 1-5. Well, not really, but whatever. (Browns)

Atlanta (+1) @ Philadelphia
Jason: Andy Reid has never lost after a week in which he made zero clock management errors. Otherwise known as a bye week. (Eagles)

Stephen: Undefeated underdog. Can’t wait for Vick to ruin my fantasy week. (Falcons)

Seattle (+1) @Detroit
Jason: Richard Sherman has changed his Twitter name to Optimus Prime this week for Megatron, and I’m cool with that as long as no one changes their name to Shia LeBeouf. (Detroit)

Stephen: Detroit is like the Seattle of poor cities. (Seahawks)

Miami (+1) @ New York Jets
Jason: Reggie Bush better watch himself on that one play where Aaron Maybin comes in. (Dolphins)

Stephen: Go Heat! (Dolphins)

Carolina (+9) @ Chicago
Jason: Prediction: the losing quarterback will have bad body language. (Panthers)

Stephen: Jay Cutler is a lock for MVP at this point, right? (Bears)

Washington (+4.5) @ Pittsburgh
Jason: I look forward to seeing how the Redskins lose this one late. (Redskins)

Stephen: Robert Griffin III could learn a lot from Big Ben. Nothing that would help in life, but still, lots of knowledge about stuff. (Steelers)

Oakland (+1) @ Kansas City
Jason: Rivalry games where both teams are brutal are the best. /tries to convince self (Raiders)

Stephen: With a combined record of 3-9, both these teams are very much in the hunt for the AFC West championship. (Chiefs)

New York Giants (-2) @ Dallas
Jason: Dallas can sweep the Giants, thus insuring their run to the title with this one. (Cowboys)

Stephen: Kevin Ogletree owns the Giants. (Giants)

New Orleans (+6.5) @ Denver
Jason: Peyton Manning and Drew Brees in the most meaningful prime time Sunday night meeting of their careers, no doubt. (Broncos)

Stephen: The Saints travel to the state of Denver for must-win ga… they’re 2-4? Never mind. They’re out of it. (Broncos)

San Francisco (-7) @ Arizona
Jason: Remember when Arizona was awesome, and was going to win a lot more games because their schedule looked so easy? (49ers)

Stephen: John Skelton was always my favorite Pirate of the Caribbean. (Cards)


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