Thursday Night Football: Hapless Chiefs Against Norval's Chargers, Feel the Excitement

Thursday Night Football: Hapless Chiefs Against Norval's Chargers, Feel the Excitement


Thursday Night Football: Hapless Chiefs Against Norval's Chargers, Feel the Excitement

The Kansas City Chiefs suck. That is what we call advanced analysis. Two years ago, they had a somewhat fraudulent 10-6 season. They were, at best, an average team that caught an extremely easy schedule (4-0 against the NFC West the year they had no winning teams). It bolstered hopes, but the team was still dragged down by a fairly replaceable quarterback, a mediocre line on both sides, and no quality receivers behind Dwayne Bowe.

Last year, they had a fairly fraudulent 7-9 season, if there is such a thing. They actually had a chance to make the playoffs with one game and a few minutes remaining. When they lost, they did so in embarrassing fashion. They turned around and were the only team to beat the Packers in the regular season, a move that allowed Romeo Crennel to remain as head coach after serving as interim. Last year, though, the pythagorean theory results say they should have had 4 wins, not 7.

The hope that those numbers reflected nothing but lies and damn lies was that Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry and Matt Cassel were coming back from injury, and that the team would benefit from the stability of not having the Todd Haley circus, and would play for Crennel. Matt Cassel is no world beater but he should have been an upgrade over Tyler Palko.

This year, there is nothing fraudulent about the Chiefs 1-6 start. It is 100% grade A real. In fact, there fortunate to win their one close affair, an overtime comeback at New Orleans, as they have not lead for any regulation play this year. The Chiefs have turned the ball over on an amazing 28% of all of their drives. The secondary downgraded from Brandon Carr to Stanford Routt, and the results have shown.

The Pioli era has been marked by draft picks like Tyson Jackson, and by the Matt Cassel four year run. Cassel would serve just fine as a temporary option at starter. He should not have been signed to a deal that placed him among the upper half of starters. He should not have been given four years with his “competition” being Brodie Croyle, Tyler Palko, and Brady Quinn.

Speaking of hanging around too long, tonight’s opponent is the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers are chilling this season at 3-4 and look like a decidedly worse team than they did three seasons ago, the last time they actually achieved enough to make a post season. The Bronco loss was followed by a dreadful 7-6 loss at Cleveland. They can still get back to 4-4, and likely will against this Chiefs team.

San Diego versus Kansas City, feel the excitement. John Hadl and Lynn Dawson must be so proud.

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