NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Week 9 Preview & Picks

NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Week 9 Preview & Picks


NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Week 9 Preview & Picks

Sir Stephen Douglas is coming down to crunch time as he prepares for his wedding. He amazingly didn’t have time to run a search for cheerleader pictures. We’ll see if he’s ever allowed to do that again.

So we’ve got a guest picker, Michael Necci, the best General Zod related account on the Twitter. Like Stephen, Michael is from upstate New York. He is a Bills fan so he knows good football. He will also defend Jimmer. No word on his stance on Call Me Maybe videos and Gangnam Style, but he’s the best we could do on short notice. He’ll try to not hurt Stephen’s season record on picks.

Last Week: Jason (10-4), Stephen (7-6)

Overall: Jason (60-51-5), Stephen (46-59-5)

Denver (-3.5) @ Cincinnati

Michael: Some think Denver is the best team in the AFC. I don’t. (Bengals)

Jason: I think the Broncos are the best team in the Greater Northern Kentucky area this weekend (Broncos)

Ravens (-3.5) @ Browns

Michael: Baltimore’s defense is really beat up, Flacco looked awful in his last start, but on the other hand . . . Cleveland. (Ravens)

Jason: Cleveland’s march to the playoffs have begun. It will be more like a small stroll (Browns)

Arizona (+10.5) @ Green Bay

Michael: That Greg Jennings commercial with him doing the Lambeau Leap and talking to the guy in the plane awful. (Packers)

Jason: The guy in the blue suit on the NFL commercials is worse, but he would be Arizona’s best quarterback (Cardinals)

Chicago (-3.5) @ Tennessee

Michael: Jay Cutler returns to Nashville. Titans return a pick.


Jason: Chris Johnson is back, against really bad rush defenses. Little different this week. (Titans)

Miami (-2) @ Indianapolis

Michael: Andrew Luck’s neck beard is on par with Kyle Orton’s. (Colts)

Jason: Winner to the playoffs? Norv Turner will have something to say about that (stifles laughter) (Dolphins)

Carolina (+3) @ Washington

Michael: Vince Young 2.0 vs Soon to be compared to Vince Young. ALL VINCE YOUNG. (Redskins)

Jason: The future of the entire nation is in the balance here, will Cam Newton cause a Romney victory? (Panthers)

Detroit (-4) @ Jacksonville

Michael: *Blank Stare* Um. Umm… LIONS!

Jason: The Jaguars leading receiver will not be a lineman. Maybe. (Lions)

Buffalo (+10) @ Houston

Michael: I’m a Bills fan. It’s not that fun you guys. Houston is the best team in the AFC. (Texans)

Jason: Much like in January 1993, the Bills will probably be behind by 32 against Houston at some point. (Texans)

Tampa Bay (+1.5) @ Oakland


Jason: Carson Palmer has not been replaced by Terrell Pryor. Stunned that Don Banks might have gotten that one wrong (Raiders)

Minnesota (+4.5) @ Seattle


Jason: Simultaneous pick here goes to the home team (Seahawks)

Pittsburgh (+3) @ New York Giants

Michael: The Giants will wash away the Steelers like Sandy washed… Too Soon? (Giants)

Jason: The Steelers couldn’t stay in a hotel in New York, and chose not to spend any more time in New Jersey. (Giants)

Dallas (+4) @ Atlanta


Jason: Tony Romo’s march to the Super Bowl begins here (Cowboys)

Philadelphia (+3) @ New Orleans

Michael: Andy Reid will fire himself next. (Saints)

Jason: I’m looking forward to seeing where Michael Fabiano has Michael Vick ranked this week, after he checks what everyone else says and then copies it without credit (Eagles)

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