Ole Miss Riots Following Ole Miss Obama Victory [Video]

Ole Miss Riots Following Ole Miss Obama Victory [Video]

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Ole Miss Riots Following Ole Miss Obama Victory [Video]

Obama was re-elected last night. Despite what the media is telling you, the country was kind of split on that one. In fact, some people weren’t entirely happy with the result. That’s why some students at Ole Miss kind of rioted last night. Don’t worry, I’m sure it sounds more racist than it actually is. WMCTV has all the gory details:

According to witnesses, the riot originally started on social media and ended with 300 to 400 students protesting on the campus.

Social media witnesses!

The riot blew up on social networking sites overnight. Photos were posted all over Twitter, and a video was even uploaded to Youtube.

Oh, the humanity! People were turning to Youtube to post their videos? Oh, sorry. Here comes the “racist-ass South” part of the story.

Photos show huge group of people on the campus, some even lighting Obama-Biden signs on fire in response to the presidential election results.

We have been told some students were arrested during the riot. According to people on the scene, students were heckling one another and racial slurs were even yelled out in the crowd.

Ole Miss journalism student Margaret Ann Morgan posted to Twitter, “Onlookers say people- black, white, etc- throwing rocks at cars.”

She continued, “Students of all races yelling on rebel drive. Lots of racial slurs.”

Racism on Rebel Drive? I am shocked. Or maybe this is all liberal media overreaction.

However, Nicholas Carr claims no rocks were thrown and the majority of the people at the protests were there to see what was going on.

“I was there the whole time. No rocks were thrown. There was 1 sign lit on fire. For about 45 seconds,” Carr said. “Mostly, it was 100s of college kids who heard the word riot and ran to take pictures and see what it was about. Again, no rocks or missiles thrown.”

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but I’d just like to thank Mr. Carr for letting everyone know that no rocks or missiles were thrown. Even if there is no way of knowing that. Well, the rock part at least. The only time a missile was thrown on the Ole Miss campus was this one time that Michael Oher thought one was trying to bully S.J.

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