Ballin': Spurs Finally Lose and the Nuggets Win Again

Ballin': Spurs Finally Lose and the Nuggets Win Again


Ballin': Spurs Finally Lose and the Nuggets Win Again

LA Clippers 106, San Antonio 84: The Spurs lost for the first time this season, and this one was over in the third quarter. If Blake Griffin (22-10) and DeAndre Jordan (20-11) can keep producing like that, the Paper Clips will be a force in the West. But nights of both of them producing 20-10 seem few and far between.

Golden State 106, Cleveland 96: The injury-depleted Cavs fell behind big early and never seriously threatened the Warriors, who were led by David Lee’s 22 points and 14 rebounds. Quietly, the best offseason pickup so far in the West (sorry Nash & Dwight) has been Carl Landry. He added 19 points and nine rebounds off the bench and has provided a much-needed defensive boost to Golden State.

Miami 103, Brooklyn 73: Haven’t written much about the Heat this season, but what is there to say? LeBron went for 20-12-8 and Miami is 4-1. Fear not, Heat fans, there will be plenty of time to talk about Miami in May-June on their way to a 2nd consecutive title.

Atlanta 89, Indiana 86: The Hawks went on a 18-0 run in the 4th quarter as the Granger-less Pacers folded in crunch time. The Hawks won the 4th quarter, 24-9 and closed the game with a 20-3 spurt.

Denver 93, Houston 87: James Harden watch – 5-of-15, 15 points, six turnovers. And because you love Jeremy Lin: 2-of-9, six points. The backcourt pair combined for 11 steals … but they also shot 0-for-9 from deep. Nice to see Gallo playing well for the Nuggets: 40 minutes, 13 points, 10 rebounds. When the Nuggets are fully healthy, they’ll make a run in the West.

Philadelphia 77, New Orleans 62: This dreck was actually on ESPN last night. On paper, the Bynum/Anthony Davis matchup is excellent; too bad neither played. Strange fact: The 76ers (2-2) are the lowest scoring team in the league at 83 ppg. Another fact: My main man Nick Young is shooting 24 percent so far. He’s playing 24 minutes a game and taking 10 shots a night in that reserve role. Just a guess, but he’ll flourish when Bynum arrives.

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