NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview and Picks: Week 9

NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview and Picks: Week 9


NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview and Picks: Week 9

Welcome back.

Just two married dudes making picks. Thanks to Michael Necci for stepping in last week and giving a rousing performance. Stephen immediately gets credit, and Michael–you’re fired.

And yes, it is Sunday.

Last week: Jason (5-8), Michael (for Stephen) (9-4)

Season: Jason (65-59-5), Stephen (54-63-5)

Buffalo (+11) @ New England
Stephen: Go Bills! (Bills)

Jason: I go crazy, crazy, crazy, I go crazy, I’m losing my mind, when I pick the (Bills).

New York Giants (-4) @ Cincinnati
Stephen: This reminds me of a funny TV show I once saw. (Giants)

Jason: Why is no one citing Marvin Lewis’ record after a bye week? I’m beginning to think he isn’t undefeated. (Bengals)

San Diego (+3) @ Tampa Bay
Stephen: There is still time for the Bucs to catch the Falcons. The run starts now! (Bucs)

Jason: Vincent Jackson will earn all of his money this week right in front of A.J. Smith (Bucs)

Denver (-4.5) @ Carolina
Stephen: Cam Newton reminds me of Peyton Manning. In that they both love Kenny Chesney. (Broncos)

Jason: I cannot believe that Mitt Romney is president because of the Panthers. (Panthers)

Tennessee (+6) @ Miami
Stephen: I think Dexter and Elvis would have gotten along. (Dolphins)

Jason: I look forward to Chris Johnson’s 90 yard touchdown run to get to 105 rushing yards in the fourth quarter. (Dolphins)

Oakland (+9) @ Baltimore
Stephen: Don’t the Ravens suck too bad to be 6-2? (Raiders)

Jason: The Ghost to the Post! (Raiders)

Atlanta (-3) @ New Orleans
Stephen: I feel like we should still be doing the Dirty Bird. (Falcons)

Jason: The Falcons will be the worst 9-0 team ever. (Falcons)

Detroit () @ Minnesota
Stephen: Did I tell you about the time I left Mikel LeShoure on my bench last week and still won in Fantasy? Can’t wait for him to fumble 3 times in the playoffs. (Lions)

Jason: Percy Harvin is hurting? How will Christian Ponder throw for 80 yards a game now? (Lions)

New York Jets (+6) @ Seattle
Stephen: Tebow Time! Eventually! Probably not! Bullet Train to the Middle! (Seahawks)

Jason: The most overrated team is the Jets, because everyone complains about how terrible they are and yet they are only 3-5. (Seahawks)

Dallas (-1.5) @ Philadelphia
Stephen: Even reading those two cities from a single line is disappointing. (Cowboys by default)

Jason: Marcus Romo will no doubt be requesting a trade for his brother after this. (Cowboys)

St. Louis (+11.5) @ San Francisco
Stephen: To be fair, the Rams have been pretty good on the road this season. (Rams)

Jason: I look forward to Alex Smith’s next record setting performance. Oh, he didn’t pass enough for the last one? Probably a reason for that. (49ers)

Houston (+1) @ Chicago
Stephen: I can’t be the only one surprised to see the Bears as favorites. I mean, it is 2012 after all. (Bears)

Jason: Former Bears safety Mike Brown thinks this run of defensive scores is ridiculous. (Bears)

Kansas City (+12.5) @ Pittsburgh
Stephen: How did the Chiefs sneak into a primetime game? Lisk, explain yourself. (Chiefs)

Jason: Todd Haley and Scott Pioli grudge match. Candy Wrappers and Razors for everyone. (Steelers)

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