NFL Sunday: Green Bay Returns to the Suh Stomp Scene

NFL Sunday: Green Bay Returns to the Suh Stomp Scene


NFL Sunday: Green Bay Returns to the Suh Stomp Scene

Sorry for no Pigsplosion this week, thus denying dozens of you our official NFL picks. It was my fault as the family turned into an Exorcist scene late Thursday night. I sanitized this post for you, so here are my picks for this week’s games, soon to be easily made fun of.

Philadelphia (+3.5) at Washington: this is a series with very little home field advantage, and the Eagles haven’t been playing well offensively anyway, so I think the new QB factor is overstated. A toss up game between two teams capable of losing to anyone.

Detroit (+3) vs. Green Bay: Both these teams will throw it all over. The Packers have no running game to speak of. I expect a shootout and a close affair.

Arizona (+9.5) at Atlanta: Cardinals coming off a bye, and Atlanta has a banged up Julio Jones.

Carolina (+1) vs. Tampa Bay: Buccaneers have put up some big offensive numbers the last few weeks, but still vulnerable defensively. If it comes down to a close game, will the Panthers actually close?

Dallas (-7.5) vs. Cleveland: Joe Haden is out, bumping the Cowboys receivers and passing game.

St. Louis (-3) vs. NY Jets: Excited for more Sanchez bounce passes here.

Jacksonville (+14.5) at Houston: Why? Because huge lines are trouble, and this one seems about right. Tie goes to the horrible team with Blaine Gabbert at QB.

Cincinnati (-3.5) at Kansas City:  I know home underdogs are attractive and the Bengals are no great shakes, but the Chiefs suck. Analysis. They had an offensive explosion last week and avoided turnovers until overtime, and had 13. Bengals get to 20, they cover.

Oakland (+4.5) vs. New Orleans: This one will be a late afternoon fantasy football delight. I’m not buying the Saints D enough to make them a large favorite yet.

Indianapolis (+9.5) at New England: I’m expecting a huge game from Andrew Luck in a shootout here.

Denver (-7.5) vs. San Diego: These are not your older brother’s Chargers. Their best win is over the Titans, and half of them have come against the Chiefs.

Pittsburgh (+3.5) vs. Baltimore: Big Ben has been worth about 2-3 points versus when he is out. This line swung 7 points. Baltimore rush defense still vulnerable, and Flacco on the road against a defense playing well.

San Francisco (-3) vs. Chicago: Could be a battle of backup quarterbacks here. Defensive turnovers forced will be a key.

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