Johnny Football's Grandfather Was "Cockfighting World Champion in 1983"

Johnny Football's Grandfather Was "Cockfighting World Champion in 1983"


Johnny Football's Grandfather Was "Cockfighting World Champion in 1983"

With Johnny Manziel’s season winding down and his legend only growing the big publications are starting to profile the freshman sensation and Heisman candidate. The New York Times has a 3-page article on the Heisman hopeful and his colorful family. The article starts with a story about Manziel’s father fighting another kid every day until his grandmother made the two boys fight in the yard to settle their differences. Then they casually drop in this gem.

Yes, John Paul was a Manziel. Like his father, Big Paul, who claims he was the cockfighting world champion in 1983.

And that is the only reference to that in the entire article. I can only assume the New York Times has a handful of writers working on an extended feature about the 1983 Cockfighting World Championships. There is no other reason this was not discussed at length in this article. Now we just wait for that article and one of Manziel’s cousins to show up on Moonshiners. ‘Merica.

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