Monday Night Football: Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles

Monday Night Football: Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles


Monday Night Football: Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles

Boy, was I wrong about Carolina and primetime games this year. I thought the league erred in not putting Carolina on more than twice among its one hundred plus primetime or stand alone games this year. Now, here we are, and the 2-8 Panthers will go against the 3-7 Eagles.

Of course, it is the other side of tonight’s equation that is the truly dreadful draw. Carolina has been imminently entertaining this year, even if it has been in a rubbernecking sort of way to see how they will screw it up. Carolina has been in all but two of their games this year until the final minutes. One of them, of course, was in their only other prime time game.

The Eagles, though, have been way worse. This looked like it was going to be Cam Newton and Michael Vick. Now, it is Nick Foles, and no LeSean McCoy either. Philadelphia has been steadily slipping into the abyss all season. The Andy Reid era is over, though the exact ending remains to be written. A team that was flawed but winning close has devolved to one where the offensive line has gotten even more injured, and where the defense has managed to get worse after Juan Castillo was fired. Last week was one of the worst looking Philadelphia performances on both sides of the ball in quite some time.

So congratulations, America, the prize is the Panthers at the Eagles. Carolina feels like the much better team at this point, but a team that is 2-8 and has managed to blow late leads in half their games can’t be considered much better than anyone.

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