ACC Championship Game Tickets Selling for $5

ACC Championship Game Tickets Selling for $5


ACC Championship Game Tickets Selling for $5

What is it worth to see your favorite team win a conference championship? Apparently very little in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Not much truly signifies a down year in a conference like its championship game tickets selling for less than $5.

The ACC Championship Game between Florida State and Georgia Tech Saturday will be in played in Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, and tickets are selling on Stub Hub for a mere $5. As of Wednesday morning, there were 7,180 tickets left on the site.

In comparison, tickets to the SEC Championship Game are starting at $260 for the nosebleeds. Dishing out $260 on ACC Championship Game tickets gets you three rows back on the 50-yard line. The SEC had to warn its fans this week about being on the lookout for counterfeits when buying tickets. The ACC likely won’t have that problem.

The copy on Stub Hub’s ACC Championship Game page sounds like it came straight from the mouth of John Swofford himself: “There has never been a better time to start making your plans to see two of the top teams in the nation square off with everything on the line. The ACC is always absolutely loaded with unbelievable matchups each and every season, and it all culminates with the ACC Championship game.”

It seems fans aren’t clamoring to head to Charlotte to watch ‘two of the top teams in the nation square off’ in the way of 10-2 Florida State facing a 6-6 Georgia Tech squad that backed its way into the game by default after Miami self-imposed a bowl ban. Both teams ended their regular seasons with a loss to their rival. If Georgia Tech loses this game, the Yellow Jackets will have to apply for a waiver from the NCAA to go to a bowl game.

The ACC is in such a rut this year that even the traditional rivalry between the Hurricanes and the Seminoles likely would not have been enough to bring dignity back to the championship game, though tickets would likely have sold for a few bucks more.

That unbelievable matchup promised by Stub Hub? John Swofford would find it equally unbelievable that tickets to his championship game are selling for less than the price of admission into a high school junior varsity event.

“Don’t miss your chance to see a big game,” Stub Hub’s page for the game advises, “so grab a few tickets.” It’s surely one of the only football games you’ll attend where your ticket costs less than what you buy at the concession stand.


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