Final NFL Power Rankings of the Year: Vote For the Playoff Survivors

Final NFL Power Rankings of the Year: Vote For the Playoff Survivors


Final NFL Power Rankings of the Year: Vote For the Playoff Survivors

This will be the final version of the Big Brother Power Rankings for 2012. We are thirteen weeks in, and at this point, things have stabilized somewhat. You don’t need me to continue to tell you where I have Denver or Atlanta or Baltimore, and the guy that always sends me comments about my Ravens ranking in weeks where they win with 4th and 29 conversions but has disappeared this week will need to find somewhere else to go.

Instead of power rankings, the rest of the year will focus more on the pragmatic. Who can still make the playoffs, what the chances are, etc. I will do a playoff scenarios post for each conference breaking down the tiebreakers and key remaining games.

This last week, we eliminated Minnesota (rightly so) as the Vikings face a brutal closing stretch and would need to pull some upsets and get some breaks in tiebreakers to get back in it. The other four teams on the block all survived with victories. That leaves us with fifteen teams left for twelve spots. So far, our readers have done a pretty good job of eliminating teams. Only Dallas at 6-6 has what I would call more than a longshot chance of reaching the postseason at this point.

So here’s what we will do at the end. You vote for the team(s) you don’t think will make the playoffs when the last four games conclude. We have narrowed it to fifteen, so cut the last three and we will see how good the collective wisdom of the crowds is. Before that, though, here are my power rankings, with all thirty-two teams included, and those who have been voted off listed in italics.

  1. New England Patriots (9-3)
  2. Houston Texans (11-1)
  3. Denver Broncos (9-3)
  4. San Francisco 49ers (8-3-1)
  5. Green Bay Packers (8-4)
  6. Atlanta Falcons (11-1)
  7. Seattle Seahawks (7-5)
  8. New York Giants (7-5)
  9. Chicago Bears (8-4)
  10. Baltimore Ravens (9-3)
  11. Washington Redskins (6-6)
  12. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5)
  13. Cincinnati Bengals (7-5)
  14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-6)
  15. Dallas Cowboys (6-6)-x
  16. Indianapolis Colts (8-4)
  17. St. Louis Rams (5-6-1)-x
  18. New Orleans Saints (5-7)-x
  19. Minnesota Vikings (6-6)-x
  20. Detroit Lions (4-8)-x
  21. Miami Dolphins (5-7)-x
  22. New York Jets (5-7)-x
  23. San Diego Chargers (4-8)-x
  24. Carolina Panthers (3-9)-x
  25. Buffalo Bills (4-8)-x
  26. Cleveland Browns (4-8)-x
  27. Tennessee Titans (4-8)-x
  28. Arizona Cardinals (4-8)-x
  29. Philadelphia Eagles (3-9)-x
  30. Oakland Raiders (3-9)-x
  31. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-10)-x
  32. Kansas City Chiefs (2-10)-x


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