DeMarcus Cousins Confirms That Jimmer Has Moves, Now Can the Kings Please Trade Jimmer?

DeMarcus Cousins Confirms That Jimmer Has Moves, Now Can the Kings Please Trade Jimmer?


DeMarcus Cousins Confirms That Jimmer Has Moves, Now Can the Kings Please Trade Jimmer?

Jimmer Fredette is much improved this season. (/sss) He’s playing more confidently and his numbers have improved while his minutes have decreased. It seems the only person who doesn’t recognize Jimmer’s improvement is coach Keith Smart. According to DeMarcus Cousins, Jimmer has moves. Cowbell Kingdom found this audio clip of DeMarcus Cousins praising Jimmer’s crazy moves on the court. He even swears about it, which he seems to regret. Either because he’s being recorded or because he knows Jimmer wouldn’t like him to curse.

Now allow me to beg for Jimmer to be traded.

Jimmer has been splitting time with Marcus Thornton, Aaron Brooks and Isaiah Thomas. The addition of Aaron Brooks has hurt both Jimmer and Isaiah Thomas. As rookies, Jimmer struggled as the Kings tried to get him involved. Thomas thrived in his garbage time minutes and earned a spot in the starting lineup coming into this season. Without even playing poorly, Thomas quickly lost his spot as the Kings struggled. Fredette and Thomas have each had 3 DNP-CD’s. Why? No reason. Some nights it seems that whoever Keith Smart notices on the bench first gets to play while the other guy gets to keep his awesome seat.

Jimmer is leading the Kings in free throw shooting (.920), AST% (20.7), TS% (.608) and points per 36 minutes. He’s second on the team in PER (19.1), 3-point shooting (.400) and assists per 36. Why are Isaiah Thomas and Aaron Brooks each playing nearly twice as many minutes as Fredette?  It’s not because the 5’9″ Isaiah Thomas and 6’0″ Aaron Brooks are out there for their defense and rebounding. There’s only a half-rebound difference per 36 minutes. Rebounds will find their way to Jimmer just as infrequently as they find their way to Brooks and Thomas.

Maybe the Kings are playing Brooks more because he is making more money? OK, why is Thomas (who makes a third of Jimmer’s salary) getting the nod as well? Or maybe the Kings value Brooks’ veteran leadership. Again, Thomas is the same age. So why do the Kings continue to waste their time since coach Keith Smart doesn’t seem to want to play him? Jimmer is a quarter of the way into his second season in the league and he’s shown signs of life.

Come on NBA! Trade for Jimmer! I don’t care where. The Kings are a horrible team and somehow an even worse organization. You know who could use Jimmer? Everyone! He can shoot! I hear the Lakers are looking for a shooter! Or some other team. Anywhere Keith Smart and the Kings are not. I feel like a hostage negotiator just trying to get one person out alive.

[Cowbell Kingdom, h/t Deadspin]

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