Ballin': Gerald Green Dunked on the Jazz After Spending an Eternity Hanging in Mid-Air

Ballin': Gerald Green Dunked on the Jazz After Spending an Eternity Hanging in Mid-Air


Ballin': Gerald Green Dunked on the Jazz After Spending an Eternity Hanging in Mid-Air

Indiana 104, Utah 84: Questions for Gerald Green after this dunk: How’d you stay in the air so long? What are your leg workouts like? Do you think you could put your chin on the rim? Not have your chin touch the rim, but literally place your chin on the rim as if it were a plate on a table. Green scored 21 points, Paul George and George Hill split 40, and the Jazz tallied just eight points in the 2nd quarter.

Oklahoma City 100, Atlanta 92: Kevin Durant dropped 41 points on the Hawks, and the Thunder have won 12 straight (21-4, best record in the NBA). Kyle Korver never had a chance, but I was more impressed with the way Durant blocked Josh Smith, then ran the floor, took a hard foul and scored. Reminder: Kevin Durant just turned 24.

I get that the night was all about Durant, but no guard drops my jaw nightly with athletic plays like Russell Westbrook (27 points). Point guards have never been able to do this:

Boston 103, Cleveland 91: I thought I could chalk up my missed Cavs prediction to Kyrie’s injury, but everytime I watch this team, it is truly awful. Byron Scott may need to fear for his job if things don’t turn around soon. Paul Pierce scored an efficient 40 (13-of-16 FGs, 6-7 three-pointers, 8-8 free throws).

LA Clippers 93, New Orleans 77: No Blake Griffin highlight, sorry. But DeAndre Jordan caught a nice alley-oop. The Paper Clips are Parker Lewis. Can’t lose! I heard that at a Blackjack table once. Funny stuff. Anyway, that’s 11 wins in a row.

Phoenix 121, Charlotte 104: The Bobcats have lost 13 games in a row, but Kemba Walker continues to play very well (27 points, six assists). Rookie Michael Kidd-Gilchrist had the best game of his rookie year – 25 points, 12 rebounds. The Suns started Jared Dudley (20 points) and Shannon Brown (26 points), and combined, those two shot 9-of-15 on three-pointers. Phoenix made 17 of them.

New York 100, Brooklyn 86: Melo’s back, Chandler is a dunking machine, and I can’t wait for someone to write about how Ray Felton tanked in Portland last year just to get out of there. Looks like a completely different player.

Houston 125, Philadelphia 103: No Bynum, no Holiday … it’s getting ugly for the 76ers. That’s five losses in a row. At what point does Doug Collins move Evan Turner to point guard with Holiday out? Sorry, rookie Maalik Wayns isn’t ready. James Harden scored 33 for the Rockets, and Asik scored 17 points and took 15 rebounds.

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