Adrian Peterson is the Fantasy Football MVP, While the Least Valuable Is . . .

Adrian Peterson is the Fantasy Football MVP, While the Least Valuable Is . . .


Adrian Peterson is the Fantasy Football MVP, While the Least Valuable Is . . .

Adrian Peterson is now being talked up about for the league MVP in the NFL. He is already the fantasy football MVP. Using data provided by CBS Sports Fantasy Department, no player had a higher winning percentage among players on fantasy football roster.

The information provided by CBS involves every player currently on at least 60% of all fantasy rosters on their site–a total of 163 quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, kickers, and defensive teams. It includes every game result from any game when they were on a roster; in Peterson’s case, that was over 1.3 million fantasy games played with him on a roster.

Here were the top ten players by winning percentage in CBS fantasy league teams:

  1. Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota (59.8%)
  2. Doug Martin, RB, Tampa Bay (56.7%)
  3. Arian Foster, RB, Houston (56.4%)
  4. Brandon Marshall, WR, Chicago (56.4%)
  5. A.J. Green, WR, Cincinnati (55.7%)
  6. David Wilson, RB, New York Giants (54.9%)
  7. Calvin Johnson, WR, Detroit (54.8%)
  9. Rob Gronkowski, TE, New England (54.5%)
  10. Danario Alexander, WR, San Diego (54.5%)

I already wrote about David Wilson’s appearance on this list yesterday, and Danario Alexander also benefits from being a cheap pickup who was more likely picked up by winning teams still paying attention at midseason. No quarterbacks appear on the above list, but Tom Brady was close and had the highest winning percentage among the position (54.2%). He was followed by Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, and Robert Griffin III.

Equally as interesting is the bottom of the list. Bills fans and those of us who wanted C.J. Spiller to get more touches agree with the answer for least valuable fantasy player: Fred Jackson. Teams that had Fred Jackson on a roster only won 45.0% of games. Here is the rest of your least valuable fantasy players team.

QB- Eli Manning, New York Giants (45.7%)

QB- Philip Rivers, San Diego (46.0%)

RB- Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville (46.2%)

RB- Rashard Mendenhall, Pittsburgh (46.3%)

RB- Felix Jones, Dallas (46.5%)

RB- Jonathan Stewart, Carolina (46.5%)

WR- Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona (46.4%)

WR- Nate Washington, Tennessee (46.8%)

WR- Greg Jennings, Green Bay (46.8%)

WR- Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City (46.9%)

TE- Brent Celek, Philadelphia (45.2%)

TE- Antonio Gates, San Diego (46.8%)

K- Mason Crosby, Green Bay (46.2%)


[photos via USA Today Sports Images]

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