The Big Lead Year In Review: January 2012

The Big Lead Year In Review: January 2012


The Big Lead Year In Review: January 2012

As 2012 approaches its conclusion, we’ll be reflecting on some of our fine work over the past year. Here are some of our top stories from January 2012.

Girlfriend: Bernard Tomic’s fetching girlfriend Donay Meijer made waves at the Australian Open.

Broke: Terrell Owens somehow squandered $80 million in income over his playing career.

Profile: Jason McIntyre brought you the Colin Cowherd you don’t know.

“I’ve yelled at management,” he boasted. “I can tell you, Mike & Mike are not getting in those arguments. I’m not putting Arena Football on. They [meaning ESPN] say, ‘Well, we bought the league.’ Well, that’s a You problem. I’m not putting it on. I will fight to the end, probably to my detriment. I’ve got a little Bill Simmons in me. [His producer] Vince [Kates] and I put up fights. [They might ask] can you put this NASCAR guy on? We ask, why?”

Brunette Girls: Michigan’s hirsute kicker Brendan Gibbons revealed both his strategy for making field goals and his Team Brunette membership.

ESPN Departure: Jim Rome left ESPN for CBS Sports. Jason McIntyre was on it.

Nut Job: Billy Cundiff missed the game-winning field goal in the AFC title game. This Ravens fan went apoplectic, then offered a reasonable take on Joe Flacco.

No Stranger To Controversy: Jason Whitlock went all in on Steven Tyler after his botched national anthem calling the Aerosmith singer “more obscene than Janet Jackson’s titty” and describing him as “Lesley Visser with a wig on.”

Dunks, Dunks, Dunks. The Blake Show was in full effect. He even deigned to graze the rim with a few of his “dunks.” This one over Andrew Bynum was quite spectacular.

Tebow Tecmo Bowl: Tim Tebow was a starting NFL quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Some Internet denizen mocked up his pass to Demaryius Thomas on Tecmo Super Bowl.

The Forearm Shiver: An unsuspecting reporter beat ESPN’s Holly Rowe to Brady Hoke for her post-game interview. She was having none of it.

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