Rex Ryan Goes Back to Mark Sanchez at QB, Bypassing Tim Tebow Once Again

Rex Ryan Goes Back to Mark Sanchez at QB, Bypassing Tim Tebow Once Again


Rex Ryan Goes Back to Mark Sanchez at QB, Bypassing Tim Tebow Once Again

Rex Ryan found out Thursday morning that the QB he was going to start again this week, Greg McElroy, was suffering from concussion-like symptoms. McElroy, the 2nd year pro from Alabama, was sacked 11 times against the Chargers in a loss Sunday, and this morning, while lifting weights, was plagued by headaches.

So Ryan, coach of the 6-9 Jets, pulled former starter Mark Sanchez and the People’s Choice, Tim Tebow, out of meetings and notified them Sanchez would be starting in the season finale against Buffalo. The last time anyone saw Sanchez on a football field, he threw four interceptions and fumbled late to ruin New York’s shot at the playoffs. Obviously, this means one thing: Ryan wants to lose in Buffalo and improve the Jets’ 2013 draft positioning.

At 6-10, they’re probably looking at the 8-10 pick range; at 7-9, it could be as high as 16-17, depending on what the other 6/7-win teams do (there are seven of them).

Tebow, who for the 2nd December in a row is the biggest talking point in the NFL, couldn’t have made a worse decision in March to pick the Jets over the Jaguars (assuming he had the choice, as some outlets reported at the time). If you feel like playing the what-if game, what’s the ceiling for a healthy MJD with Tebow running the read option? Sure worked well for Willis McGahee in 2011. For fun, you could even put Shorts/Blackmon in the role of DeMaryius Thomas.

While it’ll be debated forever (regardless of what the media says), it’s been clear from the jump that Rex Ryan never wanted Tim Tebow on this team. It had to be a move made by the greedy owner, Woody Johnson. Ryan has had numerous opportunities to insert Tebow as the starting QB, and has passed on all of them. I also see Rex’s decision as a slight to GM Mike Tannenbaum, who almost certainly won’t be making player personnel decisions in 2013.

Yes, the Jets’ braintrust is a mess (as we chronicled earlier this month).

Rex Ryan is sticking by his $8.25 million man (next year, at least). Perhaps he’s hoping to bolster the confidence of Sanchez, who did torch the Bills in the season opener (one early pick, but three TDS, 19-of-27).

Gosh, I hope the Jets lose Sunday. I’m itching for them to draft Manti Te’o in the first round to play MLB alongside David Harris. If the Jets want to get back to the 2009/2010 formula that made them successful, stopping the run should be the top priority, barely over rebuilding the offensive line. They’ve got time to worry about QB, given the Sanchez contract.

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