The Big Lead Year in Review: Top Posts From September 2012

The Big Lead Year in Review: Top Posts From September 2012


The Big Lead Year in Review: Top Posts From September 2012

NFL… Tom Coughlin got in Greg Schiano’s face. Tarell Brown was fined for improper undergarment color, inadvertently tweeted the login info to appeal the fine. A classy Bears fan fell off a stripper pole. This was the month of the replacement refs. Packers lineman T.J. Lang went off on twitter about the Packers/Seahawks gaffe. Another referee tripped Kevin Ogletree with his hat. Cleaning your glasses? Jerry Jones has a guy for that.

Eye Black Controversy…Yunel Escobar wore eye black with a gay slur in Spanish. The Globe and Mail wondered whether he was the victim of a prank. He was not, and was suspended.

It has been overplayed, but… John Clayton’s ponytail ESPN promo in the moment may have been the greatest ever (non SVP bracket).

Departures and Arrivals… Doug Gottlieb left ESPN for CBS Sports. Cari Champion took over the role of Bayless-wrangling at First Take.

Mike Francesa… He did not fall asleep during a segment on the AL East. He was just resting his eyes!

WAGs… Dion Phaneuf and Elisha Cuthbert got engaged. Blake Bortles’ girlfriend was quite attractive. Brandon McCarthy, after being released from the hospital following a line drive to the head, wondered if that was the best time to ask his wife about a threesome.

Bobby Valentine… After steering the Red Sox into the cellar, Valentine threatened to punch a WEEI host in the mouth. Only the last in a string of needless controversies.

Dempsey Was Not Impressed… Clint Dempsey provided one of the GIFs of the year against Jamaica.

Lane Kiffin… The USC coach tried to ban the L.A. Daily News for two weeks for reporting an injury, then wondered why the media never gives him the benefit of the doubt…ever.

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