"TRI" is a Silly Sport That Combines Rugby and a Ball Shaped Like a Banana

"TRI" is a Silly Sport That Combines Rugby and a Ball Shaped Like a Banana


"TRI" is a Silly Sport That Combines Rugby and a Ball Shaped Like a Banana

These are “highlights” from the TRI World Finals. What is that? I’m not entirely sure because if you Google “TRI World Finals” you get a lot of results about triathlons and this most certainly is not a triathlon. I guess we will turn to The TRI Federation YouTube page for an answer:

This channel is dedicated to a new sport, TRI. Played by 3 teams, on a circular field over 90 minutes, this game is a hybrid consisting of features from Rugby, American Football and Australian rules, as well as many other elements.

Originally designed in 2006, by Jeremiah Schwarz, the sport is expanding into several international cities. Its purpose is to challenge athletes at a higher fidelity of strategy, ball handling and fitness. The TRI Federation aims to provide this exciting new activity to the world and guide people to help build this sport together.

So basically, it is rugby, played on a circular field with a banana-shaped ball. Or, if you want to describe it in less words – “stupid.” Also, to show how extreme the athletes are, they appear to wear letters instead of numbers on their jerseys. It’s like we’re watching the future of sport!

The important thing is that we have sniffed out yet another stupid, made-up sport. I will not rest until we have uncovered them all.

[h/t: @BrianPickett]

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