Kobe Bryant: Twitter Troll?

Kobe Bryant: Twitter Troll?


Kobe Bryant: Twitter Troll?

Kobe Bryant joined Twitter last week. Like any celebrity, he immediately got a ton of followers. As of today, he has well over 600,000 followers. (Just 8% are fake!) What I expected from Kobe Bryant’s Twitter was a bunch of corporate tweets and faux-intellectual inspirational quotes. I was not prepared for what Kobe Bryant, The Troll.

Who roots for Ray Lewis? The media, people from Baltimore and no one. It’s Ray Lewis. Not only did Kobe start adding a ridiculously unnecessary “#mambatweets” hashtag to his tweets, but he also did things like post pictures of sunset from his yacht and championship banners. Then there was this in response to the rumor that he and Dwight Howard clashed on New Year’s Day. He and D-Ho took a picture facing off over coach Mike D’Antoni. Well played, Kobe.

And then there are the people he is following. The first person he followed? Alex Morgan. The third? Michael Phelps. The fifth? Darren Rovell. In addition to following Pau Gasol, Steve Nash and Dwight Howard, he chose Oprah, Jim Rome, Ellen, Bryce Harper, Kevin Hart and Miss California who is apparently very good friends with Miss Alabama. Why is Kobe following a Miss California who has just 2,000 followers? Kobe knows his entire Twitter existence will continue to be examined, but I won’t fall for it. I know he’s just trolling.


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