Brooklyn Nets Unveil Exceedingly Awful "Borough" Jerseys

Brooklyn Nets Unveil Exceedingly Awful "Borough" Jerseys


Brooklyn Nets Unveil Exceedingly Awful "Borough" Jerseys

The tireless Twitter account for the Brooklyn Nets tweeted a photo of several jerseys last Saturday with the accompanying words of “Rep your borough on your customized Brooklyn Nets jersey.” While the existence of these jerseys were temporarily forgotten in favor of more important news, they remain colossally embarrassing and appear to be all but begging for incessant mockery.

I’m not sure what’s worse, a Nets fan purchasing a jersey with their favorite Brooklyn area code on the back, or that someone in the organization actually came up with the horrid idea to sell them. My favorite option, without question, is “917” for Bed-Stuy, an area code that represents absolutely nothing specific to Brooklyn geographically other than to say you may in fact own a cell phone in New York City. Which is totally cool to “rep” so long as you are an inexcusable douchebag.

Even for the ones that technically make sense, having three digits on the back of a basketball jersey looks about as natural as Gheorghe Muresan running the point.

[via @BrooklynNets]

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