Katherine Webb on Dancing with the Stars? Maybe.

Katherine Webb on Dancing with the Stars? Maybe.


Katherine Webb on Dancing with the Stars? Maybe.

Katherine Webb, the former Miss Alabama who dates Crimson Tide QB AJ McCarron, is blowing up.

After ESPN cameras spent considerable time on her during the BCS Title game, and announcers Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit raved about the brunette, she’s been besieged with offers.

The most important ones so far? She’ll be in the SI Swimsuit issue, she’ll be “covering” the Super Bowl for Inside Edition, and maybe, she’ll be on Dancing with the Stars. From Page 6:

Webb, who was “initially caught off-guard,” then opened up to the female fans about planning to move to the city so she could establish a modeling career.

Webb was also overheard saying that she was offered a spot in the upcoming season of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” but did not say whether she would participate.

So she moved to LA to model, then moved back to Alabama for AJ McCarron and now, she’s moving to New York? Sanchez will be making his move in the coming months.

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