Super Bowl XLVII Picks: Baltimore vs. San Francisco

Super Bowl XLVII Picks: Baltimore vs. San Francisco


Super Bowl XLVII Picks: Baltimore vs. San Francisco

Exactly four weeks ago today, we started our playoff and Super Bowl predictions post with the following:

The NFL Playoffs begin tomorrow, so get all your picks in here, especially if you don’t like ours. Also, do not worry if your team is not picked to win the Super Bowl, because no one had the Giants last year. We should probably pre-emptively congratulate the 2012 World Champion Baltimore Ravens and Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco.

One of the smartest things I’ve written in years. Of course, none of us had the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl, and they were the first team to ever reach a Super Bowl by winning two games in which they were an underdog of more than a touchdown.

On the other hand, we were all over San Francisco, as four out of five of us boldly had the 49ers in the Super Bowl (you’re buying the drinks, Stephen). Jason McIntyre was the only one to have them winning this game, though.

Back to the old drawing board. Here are picks for Sunday’s game, as well as a few prop bets.

Jason Lisk, Who Chased His Kid on to a Basketball Court This Week

Winner: I’ve gone back and forth, but I’m going to stick with San Francisco over Baltimore. I went through why I think the Ravens are a much better play than the regular season numbers would suggest, and I think they are a good point spread play. It’s not a pick against the Ravens, though. I like the 49ers because they have been the best team in the league when they play their best for most of the season, and I think Kaepernick has another really good game. San Francisco 29, Baltimore 27.

MVP: Colin Kaepernick. He’s the favorite, and for a reason.

Longshot MVP Pick: Ray Lewis is fairly high on the board for the emotional factor, but I would go 33 to 1 on Ed Reed. Certainly, far worse defensive players have won MVP when they got some key interceptions, and Reed is a veteran who might just come up with a decisive play.

Who Will Score the First Touchdown? Not Chris Culliver. I’ll go Michael Crabtree.

Jason McIntyre, Who Just Ate the Anchovies off Darren Rovell’s Pizza

Winner: San Francisco 30, Baltimore 20.

MVP: Colin Kaepernick. The Ravens had fun bottling up immobile QBs Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Can’t put Kaepernick in a box. I’ll guess 75 rush yards, 250 pass yards.

Longshot MVP Pick: David Akers. Doesn’t miss a field goal, hits the game-winner?

Who Will Score the First Touchdown? Randy Moss.

Stephen Douglas, Who Does More Before 9 AM Than Most Bloggers Do All Day

Winner: When I was a kid, the 49ers were my favorite team. I recognize that the 49ers are a really good team and Colin Kaepernick has made them dangerous and versatile on top of being good. Also, I don’t want Ray Lewis to win the Super Bowl. Dear Lord Up Above I hate Ray Lewis and the shtick the media eats up and shoves down our throats. (/twss) Unfortunately, I rarely get my way. Someone has to be wrong, so I’ll pick the Ravens.

MVP: Joe Flacco. Yes, the Patron Saint. The man in the sombrero who stares down receivers like they have pictures of Kate Upton stapled to their jerseys. If Flacco gets going early and Ray Rice can close it out.

Longshot MVP Pick: Ted Ginn Jr., because a special teams touchdown could do it if the defenses stifle the offenses.

Who Will Score the First Touchdown? Vernon Davis.

Ty Duffy, Who Is Probably Out Buying Meat For the Super Bowl Party

Winner: When in doubt, take the Michigan man. I’ll go San Francisco 31-24.

MVP: Colin Kaepernick, because he’s fantastic and ignorant old white guys need more column material.

Longshot MVP Pick: Randy Moss, because that would be fantastic.

Who Will Score the First Touchdown? I’ll go with Kaepernick doing some sort of running quarterback thing.

Tim Ryan, Who, Truth Be Known, Uses Hair Extensions

Winner: I originally picked Denver over San Francisco, and if it weren’t for Joe Flacco’s 70-yard bomb to Jacoby Jones in the final minute of regulation, perhaps that would be the case. The lesson here is to not pick against Baltimore again, especially since I’d like to see them lose. So I’ll go with Ravens and then watch the 49ers win. Such reasonable logic sounds easy enough.

MVP: Ray Rice, as the Rutgers campus and town of New Rochelle erupt with unbridled joy.

Longshot MVP Pick: Patrick Willis. 14 tackles and a pick-6? Sure, why not.

Who Will Score the First Touchdown? Randy Moss. That’s right, Mr. Raaaaaaaaaaaandy Watson Moss.

[photo via USA Today Sports Images]

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